January 1, 2007

Natural Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention, Management and Treatment

Natural remedies for Type 2 Diabetes prevention, management and treatment and Type 2 diabetes(sometimes called sugar diabetes)information.

Most of these articles are related to Type 2 Diabetes but some of them relate to Type 1 Diabetes.

Natural Diabetes Health remedies - Blood glucose testDiabetes Health News 16 May 2008
Not All Fat Created Equal
It has long been known that type 2 diabetes is linked to obesity, particularly fat inside the belly. Now, researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center have found that fat from other areas of the body can actually reduce insulin resistance and improve insulin sensitivity.

Understanding Red Wine's Potential Benefit For Diabetes
New research suggests that resveratrol, a chemical commonly found in red wine, has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, but might have certain untoward side effects.

High Beta-Glucan Barley Helps Manage Diabetes And Heart Health
Governor Brian Schweitzer appeared at Montana State University to celebrate Montana's scientific contribution to the development of barley varieties that serve as a natural way to help manage diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Diabetes And Alzheimer's Disease Linked By Salk Institute Study
Diabetic individuals have a significantly higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease but the molecular connection between the two remains unexplained. Now, researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies identified the probable molecular basis for the diabetes - Alzheimer's interaction.

New Study Finds California Neighborhoods "Designed For Disease"
Californians face an added challenge as they battle expanding waistlines and obesity-related diseases - their address. A landmark study released shows the state's first direct correlation between where you live and your risk for obesity or diabetes...Read full article

Heart Health and Healthy Eating Habits
The health consequences of eating one large meal a day compared with eating three meals a day has not been established. Now two recently published journal articles are among the first to report the effects of meal skipping on key health outcomes, based on a study involving a group of normal-weight, middle-aged adults...Read full article

Can Grapes Prevent Type 1 Diabetes?
Researchers have for the first time determined that some component of table grapes prevented the progression of type 1 diabetes in mice and increased their survival. Susan Zunino’s experiment apparently is the first to show a link between eating grapes and preventing progression of type 1 diabetes. That was in contrast to diabetic mice that were not fed grapes...Read full article

Natural Remedies for Diabetes Management
Cinnamon, Gymnema, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Chromium and Cloves have all proven very useful natural remedies in diabetes management...Read full article

Diabetes Risk and High Blood Pressure Medications
A greater diabetes risk in patients taking high blood pressure medications. In a long-term study of older adults with high blood pressure from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health, participants without diabetes who were taking high blood pressure medications experienced increased average fasting glucose levels...Read full article

The Dangers of Diabetes Patients Not Understanding Disease Risks
Diabetic neuropathy is the medical term for damage to the nervous system from diabetes. Having high blood glucose for many years can damage the blood vessels that bring oxygen to some nerves. High blood glucose can also hurt the covering on the nerves. In people with diabetes, damaged nerves may stop sending messages. Or they may send messages too slowly or at the wrong times...Read full article

Prevent Diabetes Problems: Keep Your Feet Healthy
High blood glucose from diabetes causes two problems that can damage your feet:
Nerve damage. One problem is damage to nerves in your legs and feet. With damaged nerves, you might not feel pain, heat, or cold in your legs and feet. A sore or cut on your foot may get worse because you do not know it is there. This lack of feeling is caused by nerve damage, also called diabetic neuropathy. It can lead to a large sore or infection...Read full article

Diabetes Management: Saturated Fat Should Not Be Restricted
Assistant Professor Jeff S. Volek and his colleague Cassandra E Forsythe at the University of Connecticut, reporting in the August 2005 issue of the journal Nutrition & Metabolism, dispel common myths and provide a convincing argument that the restriction of saturated fat is not warranted on a low-carbohydrate diet because of their work showing favorable responses in clinical risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular disease in low-carbohydrate diets that were rich in saturated fat...Read full article

Low Carbohydrate Diets Best For Diabetes
Researchers, reporting in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism in July 2005, concluded that low carbohydrate diets compare more favorably, at least over the short term, to traditional low fat for improving glycemic control, insulin sensitivity and dyslipidemia of diabetes with reduction in triglycerides, increase in HDL cholesterol and modification of LDL to a less atherogenic form (i.e. a form where LDL Cholesterol is less likely to deposit in the arteries)...Read full article

Diabetes Increases Heart Disease Rate
A new study shows that as rates of diabetes have risen in the U.S., the proportion of cardiovascular disease (CVD) linked to diabetes has also increased...Read full article

Type 1 Diabetes - Gymnema significantly lowers insulin usage
By Kevin Flatt
In a 1990 study carried out by researchers at the University of Madras, India, 27 participants with insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes, ages from 10 to 50 years and with varying disease duration, were supplemented with 400 milligrams of Gymnema extract daily in two divided doses...Read full article

Diabetes - Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Neuropathy
By Kevin Flatt
One of alpha-lipoic acid's primary uses is to treat nerve damage, including diabetic neuropathy, a dangerous long-term complication of diabetes that causes pain and loss of feeling in the limbs. Alpha lipoic acid enhances glucose uptake in type 2 diabetes, inhibits glycosylation (the abnormal attachment of sugar to protein), and has been used to improve diabetic nerve damage and reduce pain associated with that nerve damage. (Free Radic Biol Med 1995;19:227-50)...Read full article

Type 2 Diabetes - Cinnamon and Blood Sugar Levels
Several compounds isolated from cinnamon may one day become the key natural ingredients in a new generation of products aimed at lowering blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. The polyphenolic polymers in cinnamon bark have antioxidant effects, which may provide synergistic benefits to persons with various forms of diabetes...Read full article

Gymnema sylvestre: A well-proven treatment for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
By Kevin Flatt
Gymnema is a well-proven treatment for diabetes, and it has been used for this purpose for over 2,000 years and has proved to be very effective in type 1 diabetes...Read full article

Diabetes: Chromium supplements drop blood sugar in 80 to 90 percent of patients
By Kevin Flatt
Studies show that people with type 2 diabetes have lower blood levels of chromium than those without the disease. Chromium picolinate, specifically, has been shown to reduce insulin resistance and to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. More than 15 scientific studies support the safety and role of chromium in improving insulin function and glucose metabolism in people with type 2 diabetes and related conditions...Read full article

Diabetes: Cloves improve insulin function, lowers glucose
By Kevin Flatt
One of two studies presented at the Experimental Biology 2006 meeting, in San Francisco, demonstrated that extracts of cloves were found to improve the function of insulin and to lower glucose, total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides in people with type 2 diabetes...Read full article

Type 2 Diabetes: Cinnamon Improves Blood Sugar Levels and Insulin Function
By Kevin Flatt
Cinnamon has demonstrated its ability to boost insulin activity and thus control blood glucose levels in a number of studies involving volunteers with Type 2 diabetes. Cinnamon has demonstrated additional benefits in lowered blood levels of fats and “bad” cholesterol, which are also partly controlled by insulin, with subjects with Type 2 diabetes...Read full article

The Atkins Diet - Diabetes and Experts Viewpoints
By Kevin Flatt
Looking at the Atkins low carbohydrate diet and examining the evidence from the studies that were conducted using such diets, one must keep in mind that weight loss by itself is beneficial in terms of improving insulin sensitivity and correcting the abnormalities associated with the metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance...Read full article

The Glycemic Index: Good Carb, Bad Carb
By Caroline Cederquist, M.D.
If you're one of those people who can't stand all the counting and tracking and adding and charting that some diets require, you could find a refuge in one simple numerical scale: the glycemic index. On the other hand, you might find it another maddening way to complicate the simple act of eating...Read full article

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