January 1, 2007

Natural COPD/Emphysema Remedies and Facts about Emphysema and COPD

Natural emphysema and COPD prevention remedies, nutrional help in the management of emphysema and COPD and facts about the disease.

COPD Awareness and Neglect
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a major and increasing global health epidemic that has received insufficient attention from the health-care profession, governments, and the pharmaceutical industry. Urgent action is now required to recognise COPD, predicted to soon become one of the major causes of death and disability, and to develop more effective prevention and treatment strategies in the management of COPD...Read full article

Women Benefit More From Quitting Smoking Than Men
New findings from the Lung Health Study (LHS) indicate that, in general, women’s lung function improves significantly more than men’s after sustained smoking cessation. LHS researchers previously published results showing that both men and women benefit from smoking cessation; this new analysis indicates that the benefits to the lungs are greater in women than in men. The results are published in the June 1 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology...Read full article

Smoking and Lung Damage and Emphysema - The Vitamin A Link
Vitamin A is required to protect the cells that line the airways (and other cells) from infection and the harmful effects of carcinogens (cancer causing substances). It is these cells first line of defence and functions as a barrier against infection and maintains their integrity and function...Read full article

Smoking - Vitamin A and Emphysema
While studying the relationship between vitamin A and lung inflammation, a Kansas State University researcher made a surprising discovery -- a link between vitamin A and emphysema in smokers...Read full article

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